Henry Schein ®OrthodonticsTM, a Henry Schein Division, is a full line manufacturer and distributor of orthodontic products with a commitment to the future with investment in capital assets and cutting edge technology.

    A key factor in Henry Schein Orthodontics’ continued growth and success has been the ability to attract and keep good people. Our dedicated, talented, and hard-working employees have met many challenges and solved many issues to help the company continue to grow year after year. At Henry Schein Orthodontics everyone is part of the team and has the same goal; to improve patient care and continue to “Advance the Future of Orthodontics” for generations to come.

    Henry Schein Orthodontics’ employees enjoy a supportive work environment with an open-door management philosophy in addition to excellent benefits, competitive wages, and advancement opportunities. Henry Schein Orthodontics is an equal opportunity employer and treats each person with equality and fairness without regard to race, color, national origin, religion, marital status, physical or mental disability, sex, sexual preference, age, or prior military experience.

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