Ortho Organizers ® Inc. launched Henry Schein ® OrthodonticsTM

    In January 2014 Ortho Organizers Inc.’s orthodontic portfolio, which includes Ortho Organizers, MASEL ®ClassOne ®, and Ortho Technology ®, launched Henry Schein Orthodontics as an umbrella brand, which is used predominantly for sales and marketing purposes within the domestic market.


      Ortho Organizaers acquired Ortho Technology

      In 2012 Ortho Organizers acquired Ortho Technology. A Tampa, FL orthodontic distribution company well-known for its strong global direct marketing efforts.

      Next Generation Straight-Wire Appliance

        Ortho Organizers and Drs. Larry and Will Andrews become partners in the development of the next Straight-Wire Appliance. This marks the first time Dr. Larry Andrews has shared the 20 years of research conducted by The Andrews Foundation with a company to manufacture the next generation of his original Straight-Wire Appliance.


          MASEL Integrates into Ortho Organizers

          MASEL®, an orthodontic company owned by Henry Schein, is integrated into Ortho Organizer’s business. The integration of MASEL allowed Ortho Organizer’s access to products at a different price point and additional distributors for expanded international business.

          Ortho Organizers Acquires ClassOne Orthodontic

          In December of 2009, Ortho Organizers acquired ClassOneTM Orthodontics, a Texas orthodontic distribution company respectively known for offering the Carriere® Self-Ligating Bracket and Carriere DistalizerTM Class II Correction Appliance. With this aquisistion, Ortho Organizers has over 175 international distributors located in 76 countries.


            Ortho Organizers and its Continuing Education component were awarded ADA CERP recognition.

            Ortho Organizers Acquired by Henry Schein

            Ortho Organizers was acquired by Henry Schein®, Inc., the largest distributor of dental products in North America, and at the time a 6.2 billion dollar public company. At this time, Henry Schein decided to create the Dental Specialty Division including Ortho Organizers, Camlog, a German implant company, and ACE Surgical, a surgical supply company. For Ortho Organizers, the backing of Henry Schein allowed the company to look into growing its business not only organically, but also through acquisitions.

            Ortho Organizers Expanded with Laboratory Services

            Ortho Organizers follows through on commitment to expand services to customers and builds a full service laboratory into the headquarters. Expansion into laboratory services helped Ortho Organizers further create a robust, interdependent relationship with its customers.


              Ortho Organizers Celebrated its 30th Anniversary

              Celebrating our 30th anniversary, Ortho Organizers moved to its new corporate headquarters in Carlsbad, California. The new facility, over 65,000 square feet, provided the company more room to incorporate additional manufacturing machines to help keep up with the growing business. The larger building also allowed the company to build a state-of-the-art training facility, and offer orthodontic educational courses. At this time, Ortho Organizers also gave itself a new image with the implementation of a new logo and branding.


                Ortho Organizers is Acquired

                Ortho Organizers was acquired by a new management team together with two private equity firms. This allowed the company more access to monies for research and development of new products.


                  Ortho Organizers Expanded Manufacturing Services

                  Wanting to expand our product line further, Ortho Organizers set up a new manufacturing plant in Columbus, IN. This additional facility manufactures a wide range of orthodontic products including archwires, wax, elastomerics, and specialty plastic products.


                    Ortho Organizers Purchased San Marcos Medical Plastics

                    Ortho Organizers purchased a plastic injection molding company called San Marcos Medical Plastics. The purchase of this company allowed us to manufacture our elastomeric and plastic product lines in-house. In turn, we were able to offer competitive pricing, improved quality, and better delivery time.


                      Ortho Organizers Implements Metal Injection Molding (MIM) Process

                      An exciting year for Ortho Organizers, we fully integrated the metal injection molding (MIM) process into the manufacturing of orthodontic products. The new MIM technology enabled Ortho Organizers to manufacture brackets and buccal tubes more efficiently, and output a higher quality product. The MIM process has now become the standard for orthodontic bracket manufacturing.


                        Ortho Organizers Created a Telemarketing Department

                        At this time, Ortho Organizers started to integrate a telemarketing department to help reach more customers. The team’s focus was to build a partnership with the customer, and not just sell them product. Ortho Organizers still does business this way today, with the addition of an outside sales team to provide in-office customer service to its customers.


                          Ortho Organizers Purchased Micro Metal Products

                          Ortho Organizers purchased Micro Metal Products, which specialized in casting orthodontic brackets and buccal tubes. Soon thereafter, Ortho Organizersdesigned and developed its first patented bracket system, the Edgeway Bracket. With the introduction of the Edgeway Bracket, along with our buccal tube line, we were now considered a full-line manufacturer.


                            Ortho Organizers Purchased Calor Company

                            O2 purchased Calor Company; a manufacturer of orthodontic elastics. Ortho Organizers began making its own molds to market products, such as, cheek retractors, ligature elastics, tongue shields, etc. O2 moved to its first manufacturing facility in San Marcos, CA.


                              Ortho Organizers Purchased Calor Company

                              Ortho Organizers purchased Calor Company, a manufacturer of orthodontic elastics that sold to the retail and wholesale markets. Ortho Organizers began making its own molds to market products such as, cheek retractors, ligature elastics, tongue shields, etc. At this time, Ortho Organizers moved to its first manufacturing facility in San Marcos, California.


                                First AAO Meeting in Atlanta, GA

                                In May of 1980, Ortho Organizers exhibited at its first AAO Meeting in Atlanta, Georgia. The orthodontists were most impressed with the company’s organization racks and storage cases.


                                  Ortho Organizers founded by Brehm

                                  Ortho Organizers®, Inc. (Ortho Organizers) was founded by Lindsay Brehm and Dr. Waldemar Brehm in Encinitas, California. The initial business was set up to supply Dr. Brehm’s students with orthodontic storage units for the supplies needed for his orthodontic classes. They named the company Ortho Organizers because the main purpose of the products was to help organize the orthodontic supplies, which were predominately sold by A Company, to general dentists and orthodontists.